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My blog posts will be on Fleet Feet Sports + Frontrunner. Fleet Feet Sports + Frontrunner is a locally owned (franchise) and community focused running and walking goods retailer in central Ohio. Once 2 separate companies in Columbus, Fleet Feet Sports and Frontrunner, the two merged in 2015 to become Fleet Feet Sports + Frontrunner with the goal of becoming the go-to resource for all running and walking needs in the communities that it serves in central Ohio. With 3 stores in Central Ohio, Fleet Feet’s retail sales focus targets the running community. Outside of retail sales, the Frontrunner arm focuses on engaging the local running community by offering training classes, running groups, and hosting and sponsoring of competitive races.

Fleet Feet Sports + Frontrunner’s mission goes beyond simply selling running apparel and sponsoring race events however. Fleet Feet Sports + Frontrunner has driven its branding and mission toward a commitment to helping the community of runners and walkers that it serves. The difference is noted immediately when you walk in their stores as you will be greeted and assisted by a fellow runner – someone who understands the nuances of running in different styles of gear and on different types of terrain. From product to personnel, you are provided with more than just a sales pitch, you are offered an experience that is difficult if not impossible to find at any competing retailer.

Why Fleet Feet + Frontrunner?

As a runner and a lifelong resident of central Ohio, I truly appreciate the value and dedication that Flatfeet offers to the local community. Running tips for flat feet? – got it. Trail running options in central Ohio? – got it. Marathon training insights provided by experienced marathoners?- got that as well. The focus goes beyond simply selling a pair of shorts or the newest pair of running shoes, the stores are owned by native central Ohioans who are as passionate about running as the consumers who patronize their stores.

Fleet Feet + Frontrunner’s website, Facebook, and twitter page are consistently being updated with brand additions, running tips, race information and c0-branding updates. The company stays active on additional social media such as YouTube and Instagram and engages in target market focused advertising through multiple web channels. As an avid runner and racer myself, I am excited to dive further into their marketing techniques and look forward to researching and reporting on them over the next 5 weeks.


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2 thoughts on “Fleet Feet Sports + Frontrunner

  1. Hi Gabe,
    I was not previously familiar with Fleet Feet Sports + Frontrunner, but after looking at their website I have a better understanding of what they stand for. I like that the founders of the company are local. They have grown up running in Columbus, so they are familiar with the strange weather conditions in Ohio. Kevin and Richi can offer new customers sound advice that will help them feel more comfortable when they are making a purchase. I also like that the website had a page listing ten reasons to buy local. It is easy for athletes to go to Foot Locker and buy their shoes, but buying from a local vendor has much more of a positive impact on the community and the environment.


  2. As an avid runner, I am really excited to see how your blog develops. My husband and I run a lot of races on the weekends and I have to say that I have always enjoyed going into Fleet Feet to purchase shoes and pick up race packets. You’re right that they do a great job of servicing customers—going to Fleet Feet isn’t just “shopping” it’s truly an “experience”. I recall once last year they used social media platform Periscope to broadcast live a person in the store attempting to break the world record for number of miles run on a treadmill. The man didn’t ultimately break the record (though I do think he ran over 50 miles!) but it was still fascinating to watch and certainly drew attention to their store and brand. Bringing so many people into the store in order to pick up packets for the various 5ks, 10ks, marathons, etc around central Ohio must also give them more exposure! Looking forward to reading your blog.


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