Week 2 -Fleet Feet Website Analysis

Fleet Feet’s website offers a dynamic interactive experience through the use of multiple web design tactics. Through the use of large drop down tabs, dynamic page resizing and a fluid layout, it’s easy to flow from segment to segment.

Online Strategy and Multichannel Marketing

The online strategy is built to appeal overtly and immediately to their target market. “ALL FOR RUN” sits centered in large letters near the top of the page. This is a site for runners, by runners. The page immediately guides your eyes and interest toward checking out the most recent releases. If you’ve been able to look past the immediate attention grab, a line of tabs leading to large dropdown menus walks you segment by segment into demographically specific retail items. If your unsure of where to find what you are looking for, a conveniently placed search bar is placed at the top of the page. A store locator can be found on both the top of the page as well as at the bottom of the page. The bottom of the page also contains a classic vertical layout of links offering additional company information.

Fleet Feet utilizes many types of multichannel marketing. From a social media perspective, Fleet Feet and Fleet Feet + Frontrunner utilize two web pages, Twitter account (@FleetFeetSports), a YouTube channel, and an Instagram page (fleetfeetsports). They’ve recently released a running themed emoji app on the Apple app store as a way to integrate into the mobile media space. Fleet Feet also hosts a blog offering commentary on running tips, nutritional advice and proper fitting of running attire as just some of the topics. Through the partnership with Frontrunner, Fleet Feet integrates itself with he community through the hosting of racing events, racing teams, running groups and additional running improvement opportunities.

Fleet Feet Business Model

Fleet Feet utilizes a franchisee based business model that looks to leverage community involvement as a differentiator. There are three physical store locations in central Ohio and then a fourth in Ohio located in Cincinnati. By franchising locations to local residents, Fleet Feet is able to appeal to the “locally owned” consumer base. Additionally, by specializing in running, they can focus time and resources into carving their niche in the community. Combined with offering coaching, custom fittings, and race hosting, Fleet Feet is able create an experience and culture that is able to go beyond that of a standard retail store. They are able to offer a brand that becomes synonymous with running.

Data Capture

Fleet Feet captures consumer data through multiple means. At checkout when purchasing goods, Fleet Feet captures data such as name, address and email when available. When on their website, they use the IP address of the computer to determine browser type and operating system. Fleet Feet uses cookies and pixel tags to track activity on the website. Additionally, the pixel tags can help to assess the effectiveness of the website and layout.


Retrieved 10/6/2016 from https://www.fleetfeetsports.com/privacy

Retrieved 10/6/2017 from http://www.frontrunnercolumbus.com


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