Fleet Feet & CRM

CRM Programs

To reach sales aspirations, a company must first attract and win with current and potential customers.   Integrating a Customer Relationship Management system is one method that a company can employ to begin making measured and calculated decisions with regard to its customer base. According to Margaret Rouse of TechTarget, Customer Relationship Management involves “practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth” (Rouse, 2016). This can be completed through data collection via customer website visits, newsletter subscriptions, sales interactions, and so on.

Fleet Feet does not provide information specifically relating to a Customer Relationship Management system being use. However, they do collect data through number of means that could be believed to be used in conjunction with the compilation of customer metrics. When purchasing from their website, http://www.fleetfeetsports.com or in-store, Fleet Feet gathers customer data such as name, address, phone number, and email address. Additionally, Fleet Feet’s website privacy statement states that visitor data is collected through the use of cookies and the use of Pixel Tags which track the activity of a visitor while on the website. The collection and integration of this data can help Fleet Feet to better predict client activity, buying habits, seasonal fluctuations, product demands, and other consumer preferences.

Customer Service Policies and Customer-Facing Business Processes

Fleet Feet is top to bottom, a customer-experience centric business. Fleet Feet’s business model is built around making the experience “fit” each individual client. From Fleet Feet’s Value Statement (2016):

At Fleet Feet Sports, you will find a welcoming environment where runners, walkers and fitness enthusiasts of all abilities receive unparalleled service and support. Fleet Feet Sports’ mission is to help you find the right ”FIT” in every facet of your active lifestyle.
Whether you walk, run, or simply need a good fitting pair of shoes, the educators at Fleet Feet Sports will work with you to evaluate your foot’s gait and natural biomechanics to help you select a shoe that offers the best fit and function for you.
Fleet Feet Sports is committed to enhancing and growing our local running and walking communities, and offering educational resources and training opportunities to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. Each store is locally owned and operated. Please visit the locations page to find the Fleet Feet Sports family in your community.

The goal being to make the experience as unique as the runner walking in the door. This requires a commitment that is more than just talk, it has to be demonstrated with each client in order to be believed. An in-store visit to purchase shoes, for instance, can involve the sales rep offering specialty socks and a treadmill to try out the shoes so that the customer truly gets a feel for the fit and comfort of the shoe.

Website Navigation

According to WebSiteMagazine.com, there are 3 notable components that should be present in order for a company’s site to be user-friendly; Concise Content that is Readable, Effective Navigation, Site Speed (Angelova, 2014).

  • Concise and Readable – Fleet Feet’s website does a very good job of taking a visitor from the top of the page to the bottom. Effective use of white space amongst a number of pictures and links prevents the page from feeling cluttered despite the number of products pictured. Font size is adequate but not obnoxious or overwhelming. The color choices are attractive and desirable.
  • Effective Navigation – Clear navigation through large drop tabs makes it very easy to navigate to a desired product. Quick links are available to easily navigate to any of their Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube), Customer Service, and Store Location. An easily located “shopping cart” keeps a tally of items tagged for purchase and offers a quick link to checkout.
  • Site Speed – Instant tab drop-downs, less than 1 second to execute click-throughs, dynamic and instant page resizing to fit screen adjustments. The site does an excellent job of keeping up with a client’s short attention span.

Current Article on CRM

In an article offered by the Harvard Business Review online, they outline 4 Perils to avoid with regard to CRM:

  1. Implementing CRM before creating a customer strategy: A Customer Relationship Management system will only be as good as the research that was completed prior to implementing it. Meaning, a company such as Fleet Feet would need to define their target market and client base in order to effectively leverage a CRM system.
  2. Rolling out CRM before changing your organization to match: A corporation must integrate a customer focused business model in order for a CRM system to be effective (don’t just say it, show it). Fleet Feet has done an excellent job of not only talking the talk, but walking the walk. The customer purchase experience is top notch and they truly seem to live thier values.
  3. Assuming that more CRM technology is better: Data gathered through employee-client interactions can be as useful as metrics gathered online or through purchase orders. Fleet Feet can gain useful data by talking to customers about product likes and dislikes, getting feedback on services practices, and asking customers about likes and dislikes of competitors.
  4. Stalking, no wooing, customers: Understand the needs and desires of the customers in order to ensure that offerings line up with customer wants, not just their own. Fleet Feet should be cognizant of running trends, customer demands, seasonal affiliations, and corporate partnerships to ensure that they are meeting the needs of clients and business relationships.


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