Ad Synergy

1) Abercrombie & Fitch


This ad was part of the Abercrombie & Fitch rebrand that occurred in 2016. The ad does a nice job bringing together the brand name and logo and tieing it in with a cool beach scene (also using the color of the jacket to match the logo color). The youthful-looking couple sitting on a “well lit” truck enjoying each others company. A spot that one might be envious of and want to enjoy themselves. Without tieing in the two together, the branding and name don’t evoke much emotion. Similarly, the truck and the couple would be an empty scene. Together, they create a cool and desirable atmosphere.

2) American Eagle


This American Eagle would be a collective mess of youth without the aid of the text. The text adds a sense of unity and togetherness, “We the People”, sharing in a community of like-minded, fun-loving, good-looking youthful jeans wearers.

3) Forever 21


Forever 21’s Greyscale campaign was designed to emphasize and illuminate the many tones of gray. The ad however, does not mean much if the text is not accompanying the picture that is set off-center. The combination of the two effectively let the reader know about the line while also adding context visually with the model/outfit.

4) H&M

h and m

A pretty simplistic ad with a powerful message. The “Go Green Wear Blue” line was created with the idea of creating fashionable clothing using sustainable fabrics and processes. Neither the text or the picture are particularly meaningful but together, the symbolize a commitment to responsible manufacturing.

5) Express


Sex appeal, powerful quote, sheek style and color tones. Together, a strong statement is made by Express about their style intentions – Glamour.

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Journal 3 – Visual Based Ads

This third journal looks into visual based ads that rely on the quality of the image to relay the company’s message rather than relying on text.

1) Allen Solly

allen sully

Yes, there are words but they are more for effect than for product description. This ad does a nice job of emphasizing the model and clothing through the use of color and shading. The model showing a defiant look and pose against a tan/gray background/whitespace lets the pink and black pop and has a nice contrast against the yellow vandalism…The lines of the wall and the fence effectively draw attention to the center of the ad where the model is positioned.

2) RIG Utility Clothing

rig clothing

RIG’s Brave New World line looks to pull the viewer in and open their imagination. The use of rich colors and artistically creative background do an effective job of sparking the imagination. Though much is going on, the use of light and color pull the eyes back to the central model and the clothing.

3) Dolce&Gabanna


So, maybe not a direct competitor of The Gap, this ad caught my attention none the less. Relying heavily on sex appeal, the ad offers a seldom seen and bold spin on what is typically relied on in ads; male with female and/or female with female. As for the ad itself, effectively displays the clothing as that to be worn by the fashionable and the attractive.The ad is diversity-forward and respectfully bold. Potentially a big risk from a marketing standpoint as social backlash could be felt.

4) Club Monaco


A simple and clean yet effective use of white space behind the black and white clothing giving a pop to the dark colors. Though not centered, the models are still able to pull the attention of the ad. The body positions, hands in pockets and cool effectively relay the vibe. A subtle hint of sex appeal keeps the interest on the models and clothing.

5) Williams and Son

williams and son

Great use of color and tone creating clean lines. The deep colors and contrast effectively show off the elements of the outfit without overwhelming the viewer. A simple ad that says a lot through the classic, old-style looking vehicle and model’s stare into the foreground. Presents a very cool yet relaxed vibe, a place where someone would want to be.



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Inspiration Journal #2

1) Bayo Clothing


Where to start…The gist of the message is that someone of (mixed) Phillipino lineage is world class and destined for success. As such (mixing) your styles brings clothing success. Some credence to the fact that this is a Phillipino company and (sort of) promoting Phillipinos. However, the ad is too wordy, the print is too small and the ad does very little in terms of incentivising a reader to spend much time on the page. This all in addition to the fact that someone of Phillipino descent could be very offended by the fact that they could only be world class IF they were “mixed” with another race.

2) PRJon


Nice use of color to draw attention to the main theme – discounted clothing (pink vs. white). Text is to the point. Usage of the text and the model draw you fluidly from the top of the ad to the bottom (or bottom to top if you follow her elbow). Pink and White on Black adds a nice contrast – classy look.

3) KMart


Probably not a direct competitor in some aspects, mainly cost, but I love this ad. Fun font used and a message that speaks to an effective message, lasting style (very similar to what I have been envisioning for Gap). Spacing and positioning of text almost like an arrow pointing down the family having a great time.

4) Nike

nike women first

Some to like and some not to like. I like the voice/tone of the message. Boldly stating Women First, focus on you!! I hate the placement of the text however as the “L” of Ladies is blocked when the text is the focal point of the ad. The clothing is really secondary to the message even though it was pulled forward.

5) Abercrombie


I have a lot of trouble deciding if I like Abercrombie & Fitch ads. Really cool use of color for the logo against the background. The white of the message flows nicely from the A&F of the logo. The placement of the text next to the models flows nicely from left to right. Even a personal dislike of the clothing doesn’t prevent me from moving across the entire ad. Effective use of clothing color against gray background.

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Inspiration Journal 1

The following brands are ones that I found to do an effective job of reaching out to their target audiences through either ad or branding:

1 – Forever 21

lookbook_slide_1“Edgy” in a nerdy sense. The contrast of the pink against the gray creates an attractive contrast. The clothing and model fit the demographic and style being presented. It’s not easy to make a cardigan look like cool but they pull it off here.

2 – Nike


This is a cool ad as it shows the intelligent side of marketing. The clothes are “fine” and really not even the primary sell. Knowing that their market is active, the ad speaks to goal setting and accomplishment, a common theme for those who work out. Good incorporation of the hashtag to encourage follow-up by the viewer.

3 – Old Navy


A couple of things that I really like about this ad. Good use of colors to add pop against complimentary background colors. Secondly, the use of a bi-racial family is both bold and respectably progressive. It’s unfortunate that in 2017 that this would still generate conversation but the reality is that it does and this ad did just that.

4 – Abercrombie


The brand front and center next to the clothes that offer great contrast against the chrome background. Clothes aside, the ad just looks cool. Douche guy wearing a cool outfit, looks exactly how the target demographic wants to look.

5 – American Eagle

american eagle

Brands like AE are looking to sell a lifestyle in addition to the clothing. Don’t just wear it, experience the cool that comes with wearing the clothing.


In order of photo