Inspiration Journal 1

The following brands are ones that I found to do an effective job of reaching out to their target audiences through either ad or branding:

1 – Forever 21

lookbook_slide_1“Edgy” in a nerdy sense. The contrast of the pink against the gray creates an attractive contrast. The clothing and model fit the demographic and style being presented. It’s not easy to make a cardigan look like cool but they pull it off here.

2 – Nike


This is a cool ad as it shows the intelligent side of marketing. The clothes are “fine” and really not even the primary sell. Knowing that their market is active, the ad speaks to goal setting and accomplishment, a common theme for those who work out. Good incorporation of the hashtag to encourage follow-up by the viewer.

3 – Old Navy


A couple of things that I really like about this ad. Good use of colors to add pop against complimentary background colors. Secondly, the use of a bi-racial family is both bold and respectably progressive. It’s unfortunate that in 2017 that this would still generate conversation but the reality is that it does and this ad did just that.

4 – Abercrombie


The brand front and center next to the clothes that offer great contrast against the chrome background. Clothes aside, the ad just looks cool. Douche guy wearing a cool outfit, looks exactly how the target demographic wants to look.

5 – American Eagle

american eagle

Brands like AE are looking to sell a lifestyle in addition to the clothing. Don’t just wear it, experience the cool that comes with wearing the clothing.


In order of photo


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