Inspiration Journal #2

1) Bayo Clothing


Where to start…The gist of the message is that someone of (mixed) Phillipino lineage is world class and destined for success. As such (mixing) your styles brings clothing success. Some credence to the fact that this is a Phillipino company and (sort of) promoting Phillipinos. However, the ad is too wordy, the print is too small and the ad does very little in terms of incentivising a reader to spend much time on the page. This all in addition to the fact that someone of Phillipino descent could be very offended by the fact that they could only be world class IF they were “mixed” with another race.

2) PRJon


Nice use of color to draw attention to the main theme – discounted clothing (pink vs. white). Text is to the point. Usage of the text and the model draw you fluidly from the top of the ad to the bottom (or bottom to top if you follow her elbow). Pink and White on Black adds a nice contrast – classy look.

3) KMart


Probably not a direct competitor in some aspects, mainly cost, but I love this ad. Fun font used and a message that speaks to an effective message, lasting style (very similar to what I have been envisioning for Gap). Spacing and positioning of text almost like an arrow pointing down the family having a great time.

4) Nike

nike women first

Some to like and some not to like. I like the voice/tone of the message. Boldly stating Women First, focus on you!! I hate the placement of the text however as the “L” of Ladies is blocked when the text is the focal point of the ad. The clothing is really secondary to the message even though it was pulled forward.

5) Abercrombie


I have a lot of trouble deciding if I like Abercrombie & Fitch ads. Really cool use of color for the logo against the background. The white of the message flows nicely from the A&F of the logo. The placement of the text next to the models flows nicely from left to right. Even a personal dislike of the clothing doesn’t prevent me from moving across the entire ad. Effective use of clothing color against gray background.

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