Journal 3 – Visual Based Ads

This third journal looks into visual based ads that rely on the quality of the image to relay the company’s message rather than relying on text.

1) Allen Solly

allen sully

Yes, there are words but they are more for effect than for product description. This ad does a nice job of emphasizing the model and clothing through the use of color and shading. The model showing a defiant look and pose against a tan/gray background/whitespace lets the pink and black pop and has a nice contrast against the yellow vandalism…The lines of the wall and the fence effectively draw attention to the center of the ad where the model is positioned.

2) RIG Utility Clothing

rig clothing

RIG’s Brave New World line looks to pull the viewer in and open their imagination. The use of rich colors and artistically creative background do an effective job of sparking the imagination. Though much is going on, the use of light and color pull the eyes back to the central model and the clothing.

3) Dolce&Gabanna


So, maybe not a direct competitor of The Gap, this ad caught my attention none the less. Relying heavily on sex appeal, the ad offers a seldom seen and bold spin on what is typically relied on in ads; male with female and/or female with female. As for the ad itself, effectively displays the clothing as that to be worn by the fashionable and the attractive.The ad is diversity-forward and respectfully bold. Potentially a big risk from a marketing standpoint as social backlash could be felt.

4) Club Monaco


A simple and clean yet effective use of white space behind the black and white clothing giving a pop to the dark colors. Though not centered, the models are still able to pull the attention of the ad. The body positions, hands in pockets and cool effectively relay the vibe. A subtle hint of sex appeal keeps the interest on the models and clothing.

5) Williams and Son

williams and son

Great use of color and tone creating clean lines. The deep colors and contrast effectively show off the elements of the outfit without overwhelming the viewer. A simple ad that says a lot through the classic, old-style looking vehicle and model’s stare into the foreground. Presents a very cool yet relaxed vibe, a place where someone would want to be.



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