Ad Synergy

1) Abercrombie & Fitch


This ad was part of the Abercrombie & Fitch rebrand that occurred in 2016. The ad does a nice job bringing together the brand name and logo and tieing it in with a cool beach scene (also using the color of the jacket to match the logo color). The youthful-looking couple sitting on a “well lit” truck enjoying each others company. A spot that one might be envious of and want to enjoy themselves. Without tieing in the two together, the branding and name don’t evoke much emotion. Similarly, the truck and the couple would be an empty scene. Together, they create a cool and desirable atmosphere.

2) American Eagle


This American Eagle would be a collective mess of youth without the aid of the text. The text adds a sense of unity and togetherness, “We the People”, sharing in a community of like-minded, fun-loving, good-looking youthful jeans wearers.

3) Forever 21


Forever 21’s Greyscale campaign was designed to emphasize and illuminate the many tones of gray. The ad however, does not mean much if the text is not accompanying the picture that is set off-center. The combination of the two effectively let the reader know about the line while also adding context visually with the model/outfit.

4) H&M

h and m

A pretty simplistic ad with a powerful message. The “Go Green Wear Blue” line was created with the idea of creating fashionable clothing using sustainable fabrics and processes. Neither the text or the picture are particularly meaningful but together, the symbolize a commitment to responsible manufacturing.

5) Express


Sex appeal, powerful quote, sheek style and color tones. Together, a strong statement is made by Express about their style intentions – Glamour.

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